4 Channel HD Netwrok Video Recorder


– H.264 High Profile v4.2
– Embedded Linux OS
– Full HD 1080p 4 Channel Recording
– 16TB Support 4x4TB SATA
– 4 Channel PoE Support (Optional)
– HDMI, DVI & VGA Video Output
– User Friendly Interface Controlled by Mouse
– Auto serach & add device
Remote Access
– Playback and live access from web browser
– Windows & Mac Remote Client Software
– Smart Phones Support

  • Recording
    4ch Channel 1080p/720p
    Single screen: 1x1080p /720p with Tour Quad display of 1080p/720p resolutions
  • Output Display
    Split screen: ¼ layout of 1080p/720p Live Video
  • Resolutions
    VGA resolution: 1024×768, 1280×1200: HDMI resolution: 1280x720p, 1920x1080p
  • Decoding NTSC: 4ch 25fps 1080p/720p PAL: 4ch 30fps 1080p/720p
  • Playback 4ch 1080p/720
  • Video Decoding Up to H.264 (ISO/IEC14496-10) high profile to level 4.2
  • Rate Control
    CBR (Constant Bit Rate), VBR (Variable Bit rate) as defined by IP Device
  • Stream Input 720p: Standard 3 Mbps 720p (main stream) or VGA quality (sub stream):
  • HDD 2 x HDD Max 8TB with each HDD 4TB
  • Recording Time
    720p: average bit-rate 3 Mbps with 8 Channel
    Up to 60 days 1080p: average bit-rate 405 Mbps
    with 8 Channel Up to 42Days
  • BLC Auto/ Manual
For complete details and specifications of 4 Channel HD Netwrok Video Recorder, Download Our PDF Catalogue.